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  • Waihi Beach Hawera
    Business plan

    Have you got one? How long since it was reviewed? If you do not have a business plan, or if yours is out of date, it may be time to consider drafting a new business plan. Benefits of Business Planning: The process focuses the team on looking at future developments. The process focuses the team […]

  • NZ Fern
    Qualifying company reforms

    From 1 April 2011 changes to the qualifying and loss attributing company rules will come into effect. The changes include: Providing transparent income tax rules through a new tax entity called a look-through company (LTC – refer overleaf) – shareholders of a closely held company can elect for it to become an LTC. Allowing existing […]

  • White baiting in South Taranaki
    New Look-Through Company (LTC)

    “Look-through” effectively means that for income tax purposes we ignore the company, which is the legal entity carrying on a business, and include the company’s profits or losses in the shareholders’ tax assessment instead. Under the new LTC rules, income, expenses, tax credits, gains and losses are generally passed on to the company’s owners, in […]