Trust Talk March 2018 Issue 12

March 30, 2018

In This Issue:

  • Echoes heard from around the world.

  • Must a Trustee follow a memoranda of wishes?

  • Trustees act personally.

  • Trust Bill Update

In This Issue:

  • Cryrptocurrency

  • Get orgainsed for annual accounts

  • GST on low value items from overseas

  • Distrubtions form a family trust

  • New five year bright line test

  • Finance leases - reminder

  • How to build great teams

  • Upcoming changes to employment legislation

  • Independent directors

  • Staying safe online

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Important Dates IRD

28 March - GST returns and payments due.

31 March - Final date for ratio option provisional tax applications.

31 March - Student loan repayments due for overseas-based borrowers.

7 April - Do you have an Income Tax, Working for Families Tax Credits, or Student Loan bill to pay?  Payment is Due today.

 30 April - IRD automatically send you a Tax credit claim form (IR526) if you claimed a tax credit last year.

If you haven't received a form by 30 April, or you haven't claimed before, you can download a IR526 form here.

7 May - Provisonal Tax, Student Loan & GST Payments are due today.


Provisional Tax

The third instalment of your Provisional Tax is due on today if you:

  • have a March balance date, and

  • use the standard or estimation option to calculate your provisional tax payments.

If you use the ratio option to calculate your provisional tax payments and you have a March balance date, your sixth provisional instalment is due on today.


Student Loan

Student loan interim payments are due today. The interim payments you make will be offset against your repayment.



Your GST return and payment are due for the taxable period ending 31 March is due today.

May 28 - GST Returns and payments due for the taxable period ending 30 April.

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Important Dates Harris Taylor Ltd

March Balance Date Client Questionnaires issued this month!

March Balance date clients we will be sending out your Annual Client Questionnaire in the next few weeks.  Please complete your questionnaire throughly and return with the relevant paperwork.  If you don't received your questionnaire by the end of the month, please contact the office.

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